Information on Payment of Your Windowscapes Acquisition

Payments for your Windowscapes acquisition can be made by:

  • Cash or Cheque payments can be made at: 171 Adelaide Street C/O PRO Kids Window-Scapes
  •  Credit Card payments can be made over the phone to the PRO Kids office @ (506)642-PLAY (7529)


Bidding closes at 9 pm this evening (Atlantic) Tuesday September 4th

All proceeds go to Pro-Kids

Artists have donated their time and talent to this project.

Project expenses have been sponsered by On Demand Creations (Victoria Walker) and the Stephen Chase Professional Corporation


1 thought on “Information on Payment of Your Windowscapes Acquisition”

  1. Well, I was excited to see this email and then just realized it was a general one. I had forgotten to check and up my bid last night. So I am assuming that you have emailed the winners, stating what they owe and since I didn’t get one, I wasn’t successful. I am sad I missed out on a wonderful opportunity to own one of these brilliant pieces. Curse my memory!!!

    That being said, I have absolutely loved the whole idea behind this endeavor and you as well as the artists need a huge pat on the back. Extremely well done and PRO Kids has much to celebrate as well.



    Monica Watson

    Millidgeville North School




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