Patricia Anglin


47″x 36.5″

Winning bid: $275(SB)

Bid by submitting email:

patricia anglin

About Patricia and this work

Patricia Anglin is by profession a lawyer serving the City of Saint John as Deputy Clerk.  Her Windowscapes creation combines her professional wisdom with her passion of painting, unveiling a unique depiction of the historic elements that form the City of Saint John’s official crest.

Patricia explains that the symbolism in this City Market Window Painting is taken from the City Crest.

The crown is emblematic of our continued loyalty to the Monarchy, and our United Empire Loyalist heritage.

The moose is a symbol of our majestic and abundant wildlife.  The actual moose head hanging in the City Market represents a moose that was slaughtered and sold in the market in the 1800’s.

The fish is a local product sold continuously from the County Fish Market in 1785 to date!

The beaver is Canada’s national symbol for over 300 years depicting a humble, unaggressive, hardworking and waterproof demeanor.

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